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MeBestFace400.JPG, 15 kB Hi. I am C.A.Pennock, also known as Cecil Pennock, also known as Cec, and also known as Alan. There are other names, but they are used in a different context. As you look at my site you will get to know me. For now, it does not matter what I say. I could tell you anything, and you would not know. Words are cheap, and time spent is expensive. The truth is in what I do, not in what I say. For now, I propose that it is all about honesty and sincerity. And yes; there is a whole lot about just being me.


BBALLPUR Broadcast Work

This site was originally dedicated to my work.
For 35 years I have been an engineer for several TV broadcast stations, AM broadcast stations, and FM broadcast stations. My work not only involved normal engineering for these stations, but also -surprisingly- control of these stations. Control has been my real passion. And I once was quoted as stating to an owner that "I would almost work for nothing." He quickly seized the moment, and vigorously pointed out that the magical word was "almost". All joking aside: What I did was fun, and I loved controlling broadcast equipment.

After the original builders of these stations were gone, I ran into real problems. Unfortunately, this site used to contain notes, records, and personal observations relevant to these broadcast stations. The idea was to never loose these notes, and be able to access them from any where in northern California. The internet, and this web site in particular, began as my information and reference site. I had physics and notes as related to broadcasting. I even had plants and trees that grew at broadcast sites. But inadvertantly grew to also encompass broadcasting as a whole. Big mistake! New broadcasters have requested I eliminate sensitive information, and about 99% of all the pictures.

Creative Endeavors

ANASTAR5 A greater portion of this site was given to my control systems and their relationship to broadcast equipment.

For example,
BBALLPUR I created the first talking TV broadcast transmitter.
BBALLPUR I have created an entire community of independent intelligent devices.
BBALLPUR I created, for the first time, distributed processors for the broadcaster.
BBALLPUR I have created innovative features for FCC logging.



My systems are protected by copyright laws.©

Tillamuck Air Museum, P38 section

Tillamuck Air Museum


"No matter how thin you slice it, it's still baloney."
- Alfred E. Smith
My site has been criticized for misspelled words. I have been told that my site is an embarrassment.
I have been told to either restrict it to all except me, or to totally shut it down.
No appeasement could be attained with the clear implication that I do not represent the company. My web site is private.

"One always has to spoil a picture a little bit in order to finish it."
- Eugene Delacroix
But nerds, and those like me, are unable to see misspelled words. And even if the rest of my audience could see and recognise misspelled words they would not want to miss the forest because of the trees. Content can never fit into mere eyes.

"The last time somebody said, I find I can write much better with a word processor. I replied, They used to say the same thing about drugs."
- Roy Blount Jr.
A wordprocessor is a convenience of the reader, not the writer. A word processor only puts a shine on the metal, and that shine is only seen in the readers eye. In addition, my writing editor (HTML word processor) is a program obtained free from the internet, and does not have a spell checker. I have to "cut-and-past" to MicroSoft Word. Then use it's spell checker, then recopy back to my editor. - It is a lot of extra work. Censorship will never overcome the pen - in the name of penmanship. Censorship, demanded in the name of only cosmetics, shows a shallow vanity.

"Knowledge is ruin to my young men."
- Adolf Hitler
SICO.JPG, 49 kB Cartoon Almost everyday, I was threatened with loosing my job if I did not shut down this site. I thought the harassment was only a continuing annoyance; unpleasant, but could be handled. From out of nowhere - unexpectedly - In July of 2006 I suffered a IDCRISES.JPG, 21 kB Cartoon nervous break down. Guess I was wrong... As a consequence, I was no longer working. This was not the only reason for my mental exhaustion: Another was the continual contrived discrediting of my beautiful control systems. Criticism was relentless.

At least I did not have to worry about my job anymore... That was solved "real good". Actually, my misfortune was fortuitous:

I was awarded temporary disability by workman's comp for a year. Before this time, Workman's Comp was just some deduction on my pay check. Some obscure line. But now, I can not say enough good about them. Seemingly, they came from nowhere, and magically transformed into a real solid presence in my life. They were official but constantly pleasant, and very eager to help me. They gave me $2000 per month for a year. They gave drugs and other assistance. For sure, our disability system works well. I had no trouble. And, in fact, they came - to ME! The people, at Workman's Comp, were as emotionally comforting as God and my doctors. I needed them, and they were there. I found that Workman's Comp is not a cold bureaucratic entity; there is warmth and caring. Great people!

Again I was threatened with a law suit if I did not shut down this site. I was told that they had no choise but to take legal action against me. I asked for reasons. I was given specific reasons regarding pictures and company sensitivity. I promptly removed those items, and I assumed that I was now able to keep the site open, as a whole.

Another attempt to shut down this site was made by (reportedly) HOME LAND SECURITY. Verbal messages from Home Land Security were relayed to me. I would not accept these "verbal" assertions; Just empty verbal rhetoric, as far as I could tell. These vague messages contained about as much sence as my bad grammar.
"If two wrongs don't make a right, try three."
- Laurence J. Peter
Finally, a letter - an official document - from Home Land Security was presented to me; informing me to immediatly shut down my site. I was in disbelief! It seemed so authentic looking...

The letter was taken out of my hand when I tried to make a copy. That was the last that I saw of the letter. It was gone...

Home Land Security has never contacted me directly; and of course, I would never wish harm to our great country. I believe the accusations to be false, and the letter to be devised and fraudulent.

However, there are legitimate concerns of company confidentiality, involving sensitive material. I am eager to delete any of those areas; and, in the past, I have always been keen to those issues.
I wish harm to no one. I wish, so hard, for dialog and understanding; not only in my personal life, but the world in general.

After my break-down, I was no longer working. Three new men were scheduled to be hired to fill the void and replace me at work. But Workman's Comp stepped in, and would not permit this action. The company was furious because the men had already been picked, but could not go forward and legally be hired. In my opinion, their efforts were futile because - even if not legally blocked - the company would have needed a lot more than just three men, pound for pound.




BBALLGRN At my house...

The top shelf contains all of my modules running my control systems.
These modules are controlling several sites.

The bottom shelf contains transmitters and translators.
None of this information now remains on this web site. I have been told to remove this information.

As you can see, even at home, I have been totally absorbed in my work.
"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."
-Sir Winston Churchill
A person's identity should never be defined, or equated, as to what he does for a living. There is another life, sacred and innate, that will never be taken away. And indeed, can not be taken away. It is sanctioned by God and recorded in a great Book.

If you do not know what I am talking about, press here. It may be too late!

"A good employee is not created by education. Rather; a good employee is created by the age of five, and education is only a subsequent adornment."
- me, CAPennock


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