BookPages-1To11.gif, 17kB The Human Net
Its in the wires...

I did not know where to put this section of my Web Site. It involves computation, more than physics. Dispite that, I decided to put it in here, the physics section, because of its importance. In a strange sense, it is more of a physical phenomenon. It should be the natural course of any civilization, Human or not.

I have described my control system as having distributed intelligence using microprocessors. All devices are autonomous, and spontaneously communicate at will, have a configurable language of nouns and verbs. In my system that I have built, communication is between machines. Of course the Net-of-Machines also communicates to Humans. But that is not important to this page.

Importance is given to the Net itself. My Net is physical; It has wires. But that is not necessary or important. In essence, the Net only exists in small parts in the devices, computers, and microprocessors. And the wires are only a means to facilitate the function of my Net. It is magically distributed, has no single location, and you can not point your finger at it.

This section of my Web Site is given to a vision. And I forsee an extension of my Net, which now only links machines, to one that will link humans. I will call this net the Human Net, and no one man can possibly build it. So, I am not even going to try. It will be built by a large consortium. It will be powerful beyond belief. Let me discribe it to you.

The Human Net will be distributed to all humans, and be available to all humans. It will be a "natural" thing, and taken for granted. And just like my Machine Net, it will NOT have a control center. It will be a common language of all humans, but they will not speak it with their tongues.

Relevant parts of the Net will be on everyone's computer, in every business, and in every store. The Net will be in Road Cameras, GPS devices, motel registers, and transportation centers. It will be everywhere, simply by default.

The Net will have a native protocol for business. So essential, that no business transactions can be done without the use of the Human Net. The protocol demands transparency to all humans, and affords instantaneous vision to all humans. No one would even think of not doing business without the Net. Just as we breathe air, we will speak the language.

The Human Net will be holographic, meshing many parts into validity and reality. As such, it will be self correcting. My Machine Net has two Parity Checks, but this only verifies physical transmission. The Human Net will be intelligent with its "parity checks", and will strictly police transactions, instead of mere transmission. I do not know how - exactly - to do this, but it can be done. The use of the language will be the key, and will be well defined. And the source of those definitions will be more from science and practical technology, than from attorneys. However there is maleability. Over the years, thousands of humans, in a consortium, can change the syntax for their mutual benefit.

The Human Net will force all humans to be "good". At least in technically dealing with other humans. The sun will shine brightly on every hand, for all to see clearly. The very nature of the wires will disallow fraud. This is an important concept. And I dwell on it...

I might take this one step further: Money! For thousands of years, money was physical, perhaps a gold or silver coin. With the repeal of the Gold Standard, money was just paper. Then paper began to only represent a Value. Computers have always had a difficult time passing around paper to represent value. But a Human Net can NATIVELY have a currency. Sort of like: In-the-wires. That currency would automatically change according to the human culture, the human supply, and the human demand. Why don't we call it: Human Value... I suppose to be envisioned, and understood by a human, it must be assigned a unit name, or unit of value. But that is not the same as a dollar or yen. In my Machine Net, the "value" was imprinted into each chip as a prime directive by me. It was "Hard Coded". Incompassing Urgency and Importance as dictated by me. I believe the problem is like General Relativity: The materialized value can only be worked out at the local level, with each specific human. And just like with the quantum world, the actual value in the Net, may be obscure to all humans.

Damn; This is going to by a problem with my thought experiment. I must stop here, for now.
RULERYEL.GIF, 4 kB The Server areas are important. They are the only systems that can hold the large data requirements. The interstructure of the Web would still be in place. And private computers and cell phones could still access the server as they presently do. The data requirements at the Human would be minimum.

But at each Server Area their would be three physical "servers". One would be the Interface to the Human, and collect and disperse data to the Human. Another, I will call the Validator, will function as the human brain when at sleep. It will communicate with all other Validators, and prepare the Truth. The Truth will only be known on certain world timing marks GMT. The third Computer system will be for permanent data. It is for local records of business.

I will prepare an impractical scenario that will demonstrate the workings:

A timing signal arrives and signals the arrival of Monday. On Monday Bill purchases a bike form Jane, and John pays his utility bill. The proposed transactions wait in the Interface Servers.

On Tuesday a timing signal arrives and shuts down the Interface, but activates the Validity Servers. No one can buy or sell anything on Tuesday. The Validators go to work with supreme clarity. There is Total Disclosure, although in obscure formats. The Validators have personal access to Bill's sex life, income, medical records, school grades, and Jane's other utility holdings, and Janes bank funds. All from the bits and pieces from other validators, here and there. Bill and Jane and their actions are Holographic, and are spread out over many Servers. The Validators compare little pieces and notes from all over the world. Only pertinent data will be accessed, because speed is essential. The Validators strengthen relevent bonds, and permit the transactions in principle, and are activation. By strengthen, I mean to lay down or subtract data in the Validation Servers that will end up in the Record Servers. On this Tuesday, other transactions will be deemed Completed. Algorithms for brevity, and pertinence will by necessary. On Tuesday at about 21:00, the Validators inter what is similar to REM sleep in the human brain. The Validators practice artificial runs of viability. They compare trends with the Records for feasibility. They run simulations, and in anolgy: they dream. All work must be completed by Midnight. If not, transactions are flagged as incomplete, incompatable or fraudulent. In addition, the state is returned to the previous state.

Regardless, if authenticated or not, the State is TimeStamped. This is similar to my TimeStamping of events in my Machine Net. My machine TimeStamp typically contained the Hour, Minute, Second, and CentaSeconds. However, in this case, the TimeStamp also contains information from the specific Validators. In addition, it contains information of past TimeStamps. They must be contiguous! And when buyer and seller are located, the Validator specific information is shared. So, there are several parts: The GMT portion is absolute. But there is a portion that evolves directly from the previous. Perhaps in a fractile pattern. Or an Algorithm. Or perhaps, more similar to a Running Parity Check. The Base fractile pattern - or seed - is known to all Records, including all buyers and sellers. The sell is completed, or partially completed, in a verified Instant. At conception, the events are arbitrarily Intangled by sharing information. However, as time progresses, its progress is intimately tied to a concession of linked events; some new, but always some old. Buyer and Seller continually have the same information. And they also have the same permanent running Records.

On Wednesday all Validation stops. And each Validator holds a static condition. And all businesses update their Records from eches Validator. Records receive completed data from the Validators as a static, and verified true state of the whole. It is a snap shot in time; directly analogous to consciousness, as I have previously defined.

On Thursday, the interface notifies Bill that he was charged $0.06 cents because the bike was located on the sellers rack in west Chico. He is also asked if the bike is a gift because his weight and age exceed the ratings for a 20 inch bike. Obviously, there is some Artificial Intelligence involved throughout the process.

If the repetition rate can be increased enough, actions will appear in Real Time. In addition, progress will have a finer, more continuous, resolution. RULERYEL.GIF, 4 kB Well... I see privacy just got hacked. I do not know if the Human Net can ever be built. I should give up. I w