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Lake Almanor, CA
Almanor North CG, Almanor South CG

Al-Passes.jpg, 59kB
There are three CampGrounds;

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B The Almanor Legacy CG
BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B The Almanor South CG
BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B The Almanor North CG

In addition:
And there is a Public Dump Station.
And just on the other side of hwy89, along side of hwy89, is a single large group CG.
RULERMAR.GIF, 1.6kB The Almanor-Dump
Al-DumpLat.jpg, 15kB Al-Dump.jpg, 23kB

On your way out you will probable want to visit the Almanor-Dump.
According to the posting there are cameras, bears, and a fee. Al-DumpFee.jpg, 19kB
RULERMAR.GIF, 1.6kB The Almanor-Legacy CG
Al-Legacy.jpg, 31kB Al-LegacyFee.jpg, 60kB

The Almanor-Legacy CG
Full Hook Ups
Not to many sites, but all suitable for large luxurious motorhomes.
My rig is only 21 ft, and it could by mistook for a big white barbeque.
So, I am headed for the South CG, as I already have it scoped out from last year.

RULERMAR.GIF, 1.6kB The Almanor-North CG
Almanor-CampG-NorthSign.jpg, 56kB Al-Fee-2013-Jul-23.jpg, 38kB 2013.Jul.23

The Almanor-North CG
The North is the closest to the boat launch, and the public beach. You can walk there, maybe a thousand feet.
The sites are good too.

RULERMAR.GIF, 1.6kB The Almanor-South CG
Almanor-CampG-SouthSign.jpg, 38kB AL-LoopRes.jpg, 17kB
The Almanor-South CG
Both the Almanor-South and the Almanor-North have the same fees: $18. The picture was taken last year at this time, and still it is $18.
Alman-Rig-Sp20.jpg, 50kB Alman-GPS-Sp20.jpg, 18kB 2014.06.

This is my rig in Space 20 of the Almanor-South CG.
A large window on the end faces a large meadow.
I like lots of room and lots of sun. Space 20 is pretty good for that.

The South has three main loops:

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B The Entrance loop
BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B The Reserved loop
BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B And what I will call the "Meadow loop"

The Meadow loop has a large grassy meadow in the center of the loop.
All sites in the center side of the loop have great exposure to the meadow.
And even some sites on the outside of the loop have a meadow-like view.
And I have seen no ticks on the dogs from walking through this meadow grass.

You can call or use the internet to reserve spaces in the Reserved loop.
The other loops are first come.

I have seen limb fragments in the road that could have done damage to an RV.
There is no schedule available anywhere of when this could happen.
You should look up, and look for fungus and rot, or unhealthy growths. Almanor has the most wonderful Old Growth Yellow pines. They are really high. Over 120 feet!

Alman-Space33.jpg, 55kB Alma-Space26.jpg, 43kB Al-SpaceR15.jpg, 34kB
Here are some good places for the sun...
Alman-Chip42.jpg, 51kB Alman-Chip45.jpg, 31kB

Alman-Chip84.jpg, 47kB
They are real cute, but evidently, they carry bugs. There is a large number of chipmunks here. I guess chipmunks predators don't want to catch bugs.

Strange... We saw no Grey Squirrels, a main and comparable competitor.

But saw several deer, and a couple right in the campsites.
Al-Plague.jpg, 84kB
We found no fleas or ticks on our dogs, and they did travel directly through some grass. Several times!
Almanor-GHopper.jpg, 27kB
These hoppers spend little time flying or hopping. Instead, they "sculk". They silently sneak and crawl around on the forest floor.
Almanor-Amorph1.jpg, 98kB Almanor-Amorph3.jpg, 64kB Almanor-AmorphC1.jpg, 45kB

Almanor-Me-2014-06.jpg, 21kB
You can walk down to the lake...
The beach is all small rocks with a gentle slope.
The sole reason for coming to Almanor was the promise of thunderstorms and cooler weather. But it never happened. However, the sky was pretty, as you can see. (You have to look past the figure before it gets pretty.)
Alman-TVChList.jpg, 31kB
TV List
I discovered the mounting plastic on my antenna was busted. It is a conventional Winegard Sensar antenna. And I don't remember hitting anything up on the roof, wether extended or not.

Antenna is aimed at Mt Dyer. It looks like there are a half dozen translators there.

Alman-YellowPineB.jpg, 75kB
Yellow Pine
With huge orange plates.
About 90% of the pines here are Yellow Pine. And some Ceder.
Smells wonderful! Almanor has wonderful smells from pine needles on the floor too, all thanks to the vast amount of Yellow Pine in the area.

At times, I found myself slightly out of breath at Almanor.

I was ok when I had to make ten, 200 foot, trips. Each time carrying a gallon of fresh water in a jug, from a distant faucet. And then pouring it into my fresh water holding tank in the RV. With all this scouring back and forth, I could not tell the effects of Almanor's elevation. It was when I stopped, and bent down to tie my shoes, I discovered I was out of breath.

...Just something to think about.