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BRAGGLOGO.JPG, 2 kB Favorite places: FORT BRAGG California
Harbor RV and the Pomo Bluffs

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Harbor RV Park
Mine is the little one, third from the end. Mine may be little, but it has a large back window, about as big as they come. So many trailers have no back window at all. And as you can see at Harbor RV, this is where you want one. Unless you have a big Diesel Pusher motorhome, you realy need a back window. On a different trip, a man with no back window managed to get his small trailer in somewhat sideways to use his side window.
A big window can not only supply a good view, but also supply a large amount of free heat as the sun goes down.

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Looking from Harbor RV back under the bridge at Noyo.
In the harbor we like to go to Silvers on the Warf restaurant.

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A boat slowing down to 5 MPH to inter the harbor, with his smoke and wake passing him by.

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Deer are all along the shore, in both directions, not only North of Fort Bragg, but also to the South, as shown here at the Pomo Bluffs.
These particular deer go freely in and out of home owners yards.
Tick locations are related to deer and dogs. I keep my doggies out of the grass, and I have seen no ticks here.

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If you do not have Cable, Dish, or Direct, then there are only two channels available to you that you can get with an antenna.

KQSL transmits from Cahto Peak, Way North (about 30 miles) and slightly East of Fort Bragg.
I think channel 55 is bleeding in from leaky cable systems somewhere. Besides, it is not a digital signal as is really lousy.

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Sun going down...
RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB 2015.04.24

Bridge20150426.jpg, 38kB Bridge on 2015.04.26 in the early morning dawn.
Traffic across the bridge is just starting to stir.
In front of the bridge is the Cliff House restaurant, and it is withen a close walking distance.
Management at Harbor RV is a father and son team. They are pleasant people.
There is no dump, and you will need a key, with a $10 deposit, to access the dumpster.
No extra fee for woofers.

HeatLamp-HarborRV.jpg, 30kB We were here for five nights.
The scene out the window is several hundred feet of wild Radish, just before the ocean.
And on at least the day of rain, the heat lamp came in handy with a free and pleasant warm heat.

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"This place is cool." Video of me