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The kids are suppost to be in High School. And here they are on boards at the beach.Although surfing is fun, the kids need to be in school.
Rules are so lax on Maui.
Academic scores are the lowest in the nation.
"In the first place God made idiots; that was for practice; then he made school boards. "
-Mark Twain

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I talked to one young surfer as he came up the slope. He admitted that he was supposed to bein school. He made no bones about it. Clearly surfing was normal activity in Maui if youare supposed to be in school. In unwritten words: "If you live in Maui, you have an undeniableright to surf anytime."

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Teachers are no better...
I was over at the college and witnessed a math teacher not being able to work a quadraticequation. She suggested to the student "Try and work a little longer on it." The studentneeded help: he is not EVER to be denied!

This is paradise. You would think that pay would be high. It is 30k/year.Teacher quality is low. I don't understand it.

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the Plantation
Maui Plantation On Hwy30 near Waikapu
The plantation is not to be confused with the three Botanical Gardens on Maui.At the plantation you can see actual orchards of coffee, guava, kiwi, macadamia nuts, bananas, papaya, mango, avocado, and sugar cane. You can also purchase these fruits in the store. My wife and I always take the trainride through the plantation every time we come. Visit the good restaurant that puts a differentspin on some sandwitches.

Plantation and plane
Maui Plantation is on the extreme left on the other side of plane.Also you can see Io valley climbing into the hills.

Plane has droped just below clouds, except for the tail.Plane has just completed a left turn over the sugar factory,and is pretty much lined up with the runway.

Great photographic shot!
(Sorry, can not say how I got the shot...)

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My kind of Engineering Truck.
My wife and I have a timeshare here at the WorldMark.
There are several Engineering Vehicles running around here at the WorldMark.

I told the guy; "That is what I am: an Engineer!"
So he let me take'er for a spin...

Normally I drive 3/4 ton engineering trucks. In the back of this unit are rags and cleaners. And I am very familiar with those too.I did not ask if I could try those out, however.

I thanked him, and gave back his cool Engineering Vehicle. Lucky man!

If you travel to Maui, then you will become familiarwith domestic cluckers. You will see them all over the island.The weather is pleasant and they not only survive but flourish.You will see them along side the road and on golf courses. They are not approachable, and are quite wild for domestic chickens.Even the native minor bird and the dove are tamer.

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Ex navy pilot?

Must be an Ex navy pilot.
Ex navy pilots love snagging deck arrester wires.

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Romantic walks
Our WorldMark is across the street from this beach.I do not even wear sandals. Some people bringfolding chairs to watch the sunset.Bare footed in the day is too hot for both pavement and sand.But one must squish the sand between the toes to feel good.

The water is so warm at night and, in fact, we have been swimming at midnight.To swim at night seems so unworldly. But this is paradise. (One should still be cautiousas sharks are more likely to attack at dusk.)

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I think this was Hana

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The Plantation

Tiki Tourches
At night many resorts and roadside buisneses display Tiki Torches.My wife loves the romantic ambiance of the torches. And I guess it has become part of Maui.


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