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Crater Lake, Or

CraterLake-2012-11-22.jpg, 21kB Crater Lake 2012.11.01
Fog lifted!
For many days Crater Lake was fogged-in. Then yesterday there were reports that it was snowing "on the mountain". Now, with the added benefit of white stuff, I wanted to be here for sure, just in case the fog lifted. So I drove from Klamath Falls which is about a two hour trip. And as luck would have it, at this time I just happened to be on the ridge! But how stupid: I did not have a camera. I must have had no faith at all with such thick fog. And right before my eyes, the fog lifted, revealing the lake. I walked back to the car to grab the camera. And as you can see with the tracks in the snow, another couple had made their way to the ridge. I was hoping for no tracks, but I was too late. Oh well... It is still a neat picture!
CraterLake2.jpg, 37kB
CraterLake-GPS-Location.jpg, 22kB Crater Lake 2012.11.01
If you want to punch in the location of the ridge, here it is...
Be aware, that of the two entrances to the park, the "North" is CLOSED.
I know that the "South" is plowed all winter, and is open all winter.
CraterLake-Me2012-11-01.jpg, 40kB Crater Lake 2012.11.01
CraterLake-Museum.jpg, 52kB Crater Lake - Visitor Museum
Visitor Center
RunningY-Golf.jpg, 66kB
WorldMark does not allow pets.

From RunningY WorldMark balcony
Looking down on the golf course
Migratory sanctuary and flyway
You can see flocks of geese and ducks come and go.

RunnyY2012-10-28.jpg, 128kB
The lodge at the RunningY allows "the Woofer". I believe that they have seven rooms reserved for Pet Friendly. Great people!

There is a rift in philosophy between WorldMark and the Lodge as they unfortunatly share the same property. The Lodge has people at all levels that are as friendly as can be. WorldMark and Wyndham, on the other hand, have only low level people that are friendly.

Upper management of WorldMark (or Wyndham) don't mind appearing crude and direct while they deliberately show a wanton need for your money. They make no effort to even hide it! Even though my property is paid for, I have been harassed by management for $80 a month "maintenance" fees. I have been threatened that I can not use my membership if I fail to keep up. And you can never get free of paying these people, and they are ever increasing the amount every month! Some owners are simply refusing to pay. But that makes the remainder of us owners having to pay still more to compensate for the loss of income. Obviously, this forms a vicious cycle. On and on! I predict that this kind of "feedback" will escalate to the point of collapse of the company. I don't feel sorry for the company; They deserve it.

Also, in the last few years, the value of WorldMark has continually declined to a meer 30% of original value. No secret why...
Also, they are NOT Pet Friendly.
Also, they can NOT accomodate the "younger" baby boomers.
Also, they have NO sections for RVs.

They appear to be desperate with criminals at the top. And I feel that they are static, and decaying. They have lost relevancy in this time, and they are not progressive at all.

MtShasta2012-11-27.jpg, 45kB Mount Shasta 2012.11.27
You can see Mt Shasta from Klamath Falls, but I shot this somewhere south of Dores. The sight is as free as the air you breathe, and there are no strings attached. Even if you are a casualty of thieves, you can at least feel free.