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2008.04.03 ME
Table Top Mt.
Self portrait shot, with yellow circle of flowers around rock outcrop. There are many outcroppings of bare rocks in the middle of meadows. Some are springs and have wetness around. All outcroppings have a large ring of yellow flowers around. At other times of the year, I have seen water flow up out of some areas.

If you take Cherokee road off of Hwy70, you will arrive at the top of TableTop Mt. You can also get to this spot by taking Table Top rd from the south out of Oroville. It is exactly the same road. 20080403TREE100.JPG, 11 kB But you should come in the spring. The area is open to the public, and is marked by a single large oak and parking lot. The facilities are meager: There is no water, but there are two portable outhouses. Cherokee is an excellent motorcycle road with lots of twisties and sceenery. However the road is dangerously narrow for two way traffic. Bring a picknic lunch. And bring water for the hikes.

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2008.04.03 Dog in Steam.
You will come to a stream that travels through the meadows. In the picture you will see a white thing in the stream: that thing be Lexy. She is sniffing underwater, it seems. But I told her to leave the little bug things alone. And as you can see, she minds real good.

On the extreme left there is an edge to a cliff. This cliff and water fall is small: about 5 feet. But the water worn cliff is characteristic of the area. Also the water flows on a volcanic rock bed, which has formed into slabs.
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2008.04.03 Cows on a hill
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2008.04.03 Cows on a hill

Table Top Mt.
Unlike last year, this year has brought short grass and flowers. And I have just found out why. There are cows grassing here this year...
You can see some at the top of the hill.

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Edge of a steep cliff.
Edge of a steep cliff. There is a pond 100 ft straight down from the poppies. There are two trees on the left down below. The pond is fed by a 100 ft waterfall.

If you plan to go down to the pond at the base of the waterfall, you will see a trail. But this trail is not for the faint hearted or for the foolish hearted. The rocks along the path form into piles and clusters: more like small tallis fields. You can quickly end up at the bottom faster than expected.
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2008.04.03 Strange little red plant.
Strange little red plant.
Ofcourse I am no expert, but I have not seen these plants before. This is the only one for the whole trip.
BANAST15.gif Tree of Life

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2005.05.14 (May)
2005.05.14 (May)
Neat flower of some kind...

No, the white thing is Lexy. She thinks she is helping.

Probably Genus Antirrhinum?

With poor soils, maybe this is a carnivorous plant (bug eater)
Man, if it is, I could have gotten more pictures...
Some of this stuff is growing on pure rock surfaces of thin peat bogs.

2005.05.14 (May)
2005.05.14 (May)
If you are a girl, you must be carfull not to slip.
And if you are a guy, you have already fallen and got your ass soaking wet.