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Stayed across the street at the Embassy Inn
While admiring the view, if you look up, you will see a camera that constantly pans this area. I spotted it quickly, because the same camera images are displayed on the hotel TV. Once you recognise the scene, it is easy to deduce where the camera is located. I could see all this same activity in my room at the Embassy Inn.

I had great interest in this camera because I had been doing exactly the same thing for many years. My cameras could automatically pan repetitively, but could also pan to any intruder as detected by separate motion detectors. Different parts of my control systems worked together. Also an operator could type a name on the keyboard, and a camera would automatically pan to that location. And that included a memorized zoom setting. I was not the first broadcaster to have cameras, but I was probably the first to have such sophistication. Dozens of men and women have operated my fine cameras. And, of course, my cameras were broadcast quality, as my systems were built using real broadcast cameras.

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Buchard Gardens
Victoria, B.C.

Buchard Gardens
Victoria, B.C.

Umbrellas are complimentary
Wheelchairs are complimentary
(If they were not complimentary, perhaps there was a small rental fee.)
The point is that the people here really try hard to see that you are happy.

The rainy mist is pleasant and warm.

There is an airplane commuter service that brings some visitors directly to the gardens. The planes land on the water directly at Buchard Gardens.

Many visitors come from a Cruise Ship and travel here by buss. Roses are the predominate flower.

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Take a ferry ride. These things can turn on a dime. You can stand up. You can change sides. You can stop the boat and take pictures. And you will learn a lot about the harbor and it's history. Very accommodating and informal.


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There are vendors on the water side of the wall. They sell pictures and portraits while you wait, and jewelry, and all kinds of stuff. There are performers and bagpipe players who accept donations.

The government buildings have pretty tour guides that have the most marvelous british accents. They are slightly stuffy sounding, but very pleasant.

"Good breeding consists in concealing how much we think of ourselves, and how little we think of the other person."
-Mark Twain
I have some English and some Irish in me, and I just naturally understand every word. If you too have good breading, then you too will also naturally love to hear a lot of rubbish.