DNATREE.GIF, 12 kB I am only a novice at taxonomy, and although, I vaguely remember a couple of biology classes, there lies no qualification in my undertaking.
I like to take pictures and I like to organize, but I am only an amateur. So, continue at your own risk; I make mistakes.

I wish to dedicate "Kingdom" to my brother Ben, who was killed while riding his bike. He is more than an insperation. He contributed in a major way to building this portion. Ben and I would walk together, and talk about the woods and fields that we would explore. Ben knew the latin name, to the genus level, of every plant and tree that we came accros. My brother was part Native American, and adored the natural flora around him. When we came accros a paticular species that he had never seen before, Ben would tell me - excitedly - the probable genus. If not for my brother Ben, I would have no place to store my pictures. The love of plants in Ben's heart has blossomed into this site. This is for my brother...

"When I was a boy I was told that anybody could become President: I'm beginning to believe it."
-Clarence Darrow
The internet is poluted with amatures, and unfortunately in this area, I am one too... But I differ, in that I respect the potential integrety of the Internet; and I wish we could qualify authorship in some way.
This portion of my site is where I store my pictures of plants and trees. My attempts are quite deliberate and organized. I have a purpose: Others will know where things are.

BANAST15 Entropy and Life

"Man - a figment of God's imagination"
-Mark Twain
BBALLPUR.GIF, 0 kB It should be noted that 99% of all life forms on this planet have went extinct. But - setting us apart - we are a life form on this planet to have a large adaptive intelligence. I must qualify "adaptive": In this context, adaptive involves representative modeling, and responsiveness withen milliseconds. In contrast, plants also have a large intelligence. Humans are not aware of it. This intelligence is thousands of years in the making, as it is in the DNA coding. Also, for plants, the responsiveness is in seconds, hours, or months. Plants can feel each other, preferentially nurture siblings of their own kind, and war against predators. Theoretically, some plants should be social, creating towns and ecosystems; using communication and cooperation. I am only a layman. From my eyes as an ignorant admirer, this section of my web site is devoted to plants and their naming.
"Let us make man in our own likeness, to resemble us with mastery over ... (all kingdoms)"

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
-Ludwig Wittgenstein
We can catalog in language and understanding everything under our dominion. We should do this with respect and honor.

God brought all living things to man to see what he would call them; whatever the man called any living creature, that was to be its name. So the man named all the animals and the birds and every wild beast...
Gen 2:19
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At least five kingdoms:

Kingdom: Excavata

Kingdom: Nannobacteria

Kingdom: Rhizaria

Kingdom: Chromalveolata

FUNGUSYELLOGO.JPG, 4 kB BANASTAR.gif, 1 kB Kingdom: Fungi (under construction)

TINYBLK.GIF, 0 kB UNDERLOGO.JPG, 3 kB Kingdom: Plantae
Kingdom: Viridiplantae , Chlorobionta (Green Plants)

Kingdom: Amoebozoa

Kingdom: Animalia

RULERYEL Kingdom: Artificialae (CAP terminology) Artificial Life
BANAST15 Artificial Autonomous Life
Not realized yet (Atleast not from humans)