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12 Twelve


Mathematics: an infinitely divergent number: -1/12
Physics: string theory, a most magical number: -1/12
Chemistry: DoDeca-

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Twelve: Children
number of tribes in the righteous nation
People of God
12 tribes and 12 disciples
Twelve months in one year
24: Governor of people (2=thiswayandthat)
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The twelve "simple" letters created the twelve signs of the zodiac, whose relation to the earth is always simple or stable

This perfect number is represented by the people of God
and the height of the walls of the New Jerusalem. It is 12 x 12 x 1000.
Twelve is a higher octave of the number three.
Twelve is significant in ancient manís life because there were twelve tribes in Israel,
twelve disciples followed Jesus,
there are twelve astrological signs in the zodiac,
there are twelve months in the year,
and our modern clock is divided into two groups of twelve hours.
It is considered to be the ancient number of completion as it signals the end of childhood
and the beginning stages of adulthood.
Additionally, the ancient numbering and measuring systems are based on this number,
as evidenced by terms such as a dozen (12), a gross (12 times 12), a shilling (12 pence) and a foot (12 inches).

The twelve animals of the Chinese horoscope: the Rat, the Ox, the Tiger, the Cat, the Dragon, the Snake, the Horse, the Goat, the Monkey, the Cock, the Dog and the Pig.
The twelve lunar years in the Chinese lunar calendar forming the complete cycle which lasts sixty years.
The twelve names of the Sun in Sanskrit, which are pronounced such as the mantras.
In the Japanese cosmology, the Creator is sat on twelve sacred cushions (Universes, each with 12 Solar systems).
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The 12th fold represents an emblem of eternity and glorifies, in the Christians eyes, God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit.
The twelve apostles of the Jesus Christ:
Simon whom he called also Peter, Andrew, James and John, Philip, Bartholomew, Thomas, Matthew, James son of Alphaeus, Simon called the Zealot, Jude son of James, and Judas Iscariot, replaced after the Ascension by Matthias. (Lk 6,12-16; Mt 10,2-4; Mk 3,16-19; Act 1,13)
A woman suffered haemorrhage since twelve years she was cured by Jesus. (Lk 8,40)
In the Revelation:
the twelve gates of the celestial City (Rv 21,12);
the twelve kinds of precious stone of the celestial City (Rv21,19-20);
the twelve stars of the crown that wears the woman (Rv 12,2);
the trees of life, which bear twelve crops of fruit in a year, one in each month (Rv 22,2).

The twelve "minor" prophets of the Old Testament:
Hosea, Joel, Amos, Obadiah, Jonah, Micah, Nahum, Habakkuk, Zephaniah, Haggai, Zechariah, Malachi.

The twelve son of Ishmael. (Gn 25,13-16 and 16,20)
The twelve great priests of Chronicles.
The twelve stones of the altar of the alliance. (Ex 24,4)
The twelve names engraved on the pectoral. (Ex 28,21)
The twelve loaves of permanent offering on the golden table. (Lv 24,5)
The twelve branches to confirm the choice of Aaron. (Nb 17,21)
The twelve explorers sent in Canaan. (Dt 1,23)
The twelve stones chosen by the twelve men in the Jordan to make a monument. (Jos 4,3)
The twelve administrators of Solomon for all Israel. (1 K 4,7)
The twelve oxen of the bronze Sea. (1 K 7,25)
The twelve strips made with the cloak of Ahijah. (1 K 11,30)
The twelve stones of the altar of Elijah. (1 K 18,31)
The sacrifices of the twelve animals. (Nb 7,87 and 29,17)
The three series of twelve silver bowls offered for the dedication of the altar. (Nb 7,84)
The twelve curses proclaimed by Moses to all men of Israel. (Dt 27,15-26)
The twelve springs of Elim. (Ex 15,27)
The twelve tributes of Israel:
Judah, Reuben, Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Manasseh, Simeon, Levi, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin. (Rv 7,5-8)

The twelve years required for the young Israelis to be admitted as "son of the law".
The twelve precious stones which were on the pectoral of the great Priest Aaron, brother of Moses.
The twelve sons of Jacob. (Gn 46,8-25)
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the unspoken names of Jesus and Christ are of twenty-four and thirty letters respectively. (Marcus Gnostic)
The 24 Elders sat on 24 thrones. (Rv 4,4)
The 24 runes of the runic alphabet (prechistian languages of Danish, Norway and Sweden Gothic: runa= meaning "secret" or "whisper") which each one has a divinatory senses and a magical power.
The twenty four hours of the circadian cycle of meridian lines, dividing the day into two equal periods.
The hours are of Egyptian origin,
but the equinoctial hour (60 minutes) is Greek.
Formerly among the Egyptians and Romans, the length of the hours varied according to the season. (Easily assimilating the Greek minutes.)

The pure gold is a purity of 24 carats.
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Mt 13:4 All men (276*12), (23*12*12)
Michael and the angels of him to make war with (122*24)
And the tail of him drew the third (part) of the stars of heaven, and cast them (122*12) to earth.
Now is the ruler of this world cast out. (122*12)
Eph 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against the spiritual hosts of evil in the heavenlies.(122*24)
(Rev 12:10) "And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, and the kingdom of our God, and the power of his Christ: for the accuser of the brethren (180x12) of us is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night".
(Eph 6:12) "For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the world rulers (180*12) of the darkness this, against the spiritual hosts of evil in the heavenlies".
(Mt 1:16 Xriston) "And Jacob begat Joseph the Husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Christ(111x12) ."
(Lk 2:27) "And he came by the spirit into the temple, as the parents brought in the Child Jesus (111x12) , to do for him according to the custom of the law."
(Mt 2:6) ĎAnd thou, O Bethlehem, in the land of Judah, are by no means the least among the rulers of Judah; for out of thee shall come a governor (111x24), that shall rule my people Israel."

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RULERBOW Consider the divergent series...
The sum of all natural numbers, the sum of all states, all energies, etc...
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If I can use an "exploding" analogy;
Just as a massive sun explodes, and there is a supernova, a "CORE" of a Neutron star, or "core" of a black hole can be the stable remnant. Likewise, in this quickly divergent mathematical series, here with s=-1, the answer is a finite -1/12 at infinity. Here, time does not exist, and there is no "stepping". -1/12 is the result of a time conclusion. A static instance in mathematics, and a singularity in physics. In both, the intrinsic dynamics have stopped. I know of no corollary in consciousness or computational programming. "Infinity" can ONLY be ANALYTICALLY continued.
Present day mathematics have no way to express directionality of time, or entropy. (However chemistry equations and reactions do with the arrow.) Euler used "zeta" but it is the same equation:
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The sum of "everything" is a "12". If the sum of something can be considered a group; it is a 12. If a group is "possessed", or has properties of more than the parts, then the number is 12. For the number to be assigned, or designated to a physical thing, it must come from the absence of time and consciousness. The mathematics of the above equations yield a profound answer: -1/12.

But a number, representing something, is not born out of ordinary reality. I need to go back later, and show this to be true of all other special numbers; not just 12. First, equations must be ITERATED in time format: like a series. Here directionality is strictly enforced. Then iteration forms can be manipulated; subtracted or added.

Perhaps there should be two equal signs: One conventional, signifying equivalency and operation in either direction. The other, a computational operation that is directional. In the real world, there are constants that transcend entropy and time. At times, these constants in context seem strangely out of place in ordinary mathematics. They have such a strange origin. The number 12 can be one.