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Law Chiefton
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22 Hebrew letters are attributed to the 22 Paths of the Tree of Life

In Acts 22:4-11, Paul was relating his experience on the Damascus road, He told about the great light that shone from heaven. He said he heard a voice saying unto him, "Saul, Saul, why persecutest thou me?"
In this place the name of Saul occurs the TWENTY-SECOND time.
The 22 cards of the Tarot - 22 mysteries major.

In Numbers 3:39
a total of 22,000 Levites were numbered to serve in the Priestly work of the Tabernacle.
They were to give and minister LIGHT to the people.
The number THOUSAND means the "Glory of our Lord"
and TWENTY-TWO is the number of LIGHT.
The word LIGHT is found 264 times in the Bible which divided by TWELVE, the number of ADMINISTRATION, we have the number of LIGHT.
In other words, we are to ADMINISTER the LIGHT of the World to the hearts of people.
In the Gospel of John the word LIGHT is used TWENTY-TWO times. The Hebrew Aleph-Beit has 22 letters!
There are twenty two letters in the Hebrew alphabet
My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me, thus quoting Psalm 22
Sacrifice his son, namely Abraham. It is reported in Genesis 22.
The 22 chapters of the Revelation

Twenty-two Hebraic letters.
Several old alphabets had twenty-two letters: Chaldean, Sabean, Roman, Copt and Hebraic. The letters of the Hebraic alphabet are divided into three mother letters (Aleph, Mem, Shin), seven double letters (Beth, Guimel, Daleth, Kaph, Phe, Resh, Tau) twelve simple letters (He, Waw, Zain, Heth, Teth, Yod, Lamed, Nun, Samekh, Ayin, Tzade, Qoph).

The chronology of the Patriarchs, from Adam to Jacob, includes 22 names.
Twenty-two or 24 is the number of biblical books of the Old Testament

The Chronos god was surrounded by 22 main assistants and 22 secondary, according to the Phoenician Sanchoniaton

Length of the cubit in number of fingers,
The head of the man is constituted of 22 bones: 8 for the cranium and 14 for the face.
The shout of alert "22!" was used by the typographers warning thus the arrival of the chief of workshop. The number is obtained by addition of the numerical value of each letter of the French word "chef" (chief) according to their position in the Latin alphabet: C=3, H=8, E=5 and F=6.

In Revelations chapter 22 it makes reference to the Tree of Life in 22:2 and 22:14.
Its the number of paths on the Jewish Tree of Life.

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB Jude 13 Wandering stars for whom the gloom (122*22)of darkness has been reserved forever.
(Heb 11:33) "Who through faith subdued kingdoms (180x22), wrought righteousness, obtained promises, stopped the mouths of lions".

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB The number 22 is used 13 times in the Bible.