Number Meaning
Numerical Entanglement

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB Pictographic to cuneiform script (pictographs to syllabograms) evolved to phonetic characters and then to "spelling out" of words at about 1500BC in Palestine. (Aramaic alphabet) Simplification began with assigning phonetic values to already established hieroglyphs.
Pictograms already represented whole words.
What evolved was a whole pictogram could stand for the sound of the first letter of it's word.
For example, the Semitic name for an ox was "Aleph"; Therefor the hieroglyph for Aleph became the sound-of-"A.": a character. A phonetic character!
The Semitic name for a tent or dwelling was "Beth". And so the hieroglyph for Beth became the character for the sound of "B."
This process continued until a series of 22 pictograms had been chosen to represent 22 essential sounds in the spoken language.
The spoken language took precedence. The written language yielded to the spoken language (except for vowels). Aural traditions extracted implicit vowels (not seen or written). Huge spelling problems developed with words that sounded the same (puns).
Masiliana700BC.gif, 5 kB
26 Character Masiliana 700BC

Vaksalastenen.jpg, 41 kB
24 Character runic AD
Superstition surrounds most early alphabets. For example, the 24 runes of the runic alphabet attributed each character with a divinatory sense and a magical power.
And to complicate things further, numbers and letters were synonymous - where ages ago - one ment the other.

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB
HebrewAlpha.gif, 17 kB HebrewNumerals.gif, 23 kB
Hebrew: 22 Letters, 27 numerical Characters
Hebrew: Alpha characters are the same as numerical characters.

BballAll.gif, 5 kB Alphabets:

Mathematical operations can easily be employed with numbers.
Of course, Numbers lend themselves to this aim. Numerics facilitate a logical method for products, combinations and permutations of these mystical characters. A Mystical property performed double duty, not just communication. There was utter reverence to the written word. Ages ago, The twenty-two letters of the Hebrew alphabet were the breath of God and produced an idealized world: a vision of the world. The world later to be congealed and formed. Mere Mystical characters had powers in a real existence and physical development. By means of these elements the actual (physical) creation of the world took place. (See the section on what my father taught me, concerning evolution and entropy.)
"22Letters... God drew them, hewed them, combined them, weighed them, interchanged them, and through them produced the whole creation and everything that is destined to come into being" (Hebrew Book Sefirot ii. 2).
RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB Phoenicians did not use the letters of their alphabet for purposes of numeration.
The Greeks, who derived their alphabet from them, did so in the 5th century BC.
Greek alphabet consists of nine mutes, eight semivowels, and seven vowels. All with numerical counterparts.
Greek arithmetical notation: eight letters are used to denote units, eight tens, and eight hundreds: total 888

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB The Greek alphabet shared the numerical corelation of the Hebrews, but not so much the special character inspiration of which the Hebrews felt so privileged. Mysteriously, special inspiration still permeated the Greek language, undiminished. Why did this property transcend the language? The specific language must be immaterial! It is all in the Numbers!

Numbers fall into four catagories of usage. RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB

Sheep3.gif, 6 kB BBALLBLU.GIF, 0 kB Numerative, Enumeration, Ordinal:
As in Counting using Order.
As in Placement and Rank.
As in Position; signifying Location.
As used in mathematical indexing.
(Usual use is of integers only.)

BBALLBLU.GIF, 0 kB Quantify, Cardinality:
As in Scientific Measuring.
As used in mathematical formulas, relations, and equations.
As used as continuous values of abstract quantities or notions.
(Analog measurements can be obtained by digital enumeration or counting, and represent an area between enumeration and natural measurement.)

RaceCareArnhardt3.gif, 7 kB BBALLBLU.GIF, 0 kB Label:
As on the doors of race cars.
As in naming a runner.
As Bar Codes.
(Numerals do not - in any way - have to be faithful reproductions.
Nor do they have to pertain to any specific base. For example base 2 binary.)

Footprints3InSand.gif, 7 kB BBALLBLU.GIF, 0 kB Meaning:
BANAST15.gif, 1 kB Innate Significance
As in Personality
As in to "paint" a number with special significance,
As in to attribute additional attributes.

This last category is the oldest in human history,
but for me is the newest in terms of acknowledgement and understanding.
I have concieved a way to span dimensions: Entanglement. Entanglement is a new concept to physics, but has been known in reality from anchient times.

Is there communication structure with numerical entanglement, such as with grammatical nouns and verbs?
Is there evidence of modifiable meaning, something similar as adjectives and adverbs?
(three times)
The whole arena is highly charged with vague mathematical relations.
There are no mathematical disiplines that can even describe it. The arena can not be analysed by mathematics, and, in fact, flows through a sieve as water.

I was introduced to the concept of hidden numerical meaning when I was a young boy by a book of Del Washburn and Jerry Lucas. At the time, I considered the work too complicated and too "mystical". I must give credit to these two men as my mentors.

BANAST15.gif, 1 kB Events, a preface to numbers

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB
1 One   2 Two   3 Three   4 Four   5 Five   6 Six   7 Seven   8 Eight   9 Nine   10 Ten  
11 Eleven   12 Twelve   13 Thirteen   14 Fourteen   15 Fifteen   20 Twenty  
22 TwentyTwo   23 TwentyThree   40 Forty   42 FortyTwo   46 FortySix   50 Fifty  
60 Sixty   70 Seventy   90 Ninety  
111 OneHundredEleven  
122 OneHundredTwentyTwo   150 OneHundredFifty   153 OneHundredFiftyThree   169 OneHundredSixtyNine   180 OneHundredEighty   250 TwoHundredFifty   276 TwoHundredSeventySix   666 SixHundredSixtySix   1290   RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB
My science friends have all said in assorted like words to these: "I wish to see the face of God."
And no dought beautiful unification equations stand taller and taller, and are getting closer to this aim. They are making ever bolder promises.

My proud and infallible science is second to none, for it is the basis for all that is known by the new modern man. It haughtily transports me around a bend, and dares to address and point toward God. As a man of physics and science, I know that this is a serious mistake.
(Judges 13:22) "We are doomed to die!" he said to his wife. "We have seen God!"
(Deuteronomy 18:16) "Let us not hear the voice of the LORD our God nor see this great fire anymore, or we will die."
(Exodus 33:20) "You cannot see my face, for no one may see Me and live."
(Isaiah 45:9) Does the clay say to the potter, 'What are you making?

But then again, perhaps my friends and theologians are right: "Our eyes will be opened!"
In fact, with such powerful tools and understanding, we will be as gods! We will not surely die. We will not die anymore, and we will figure out how to live forever. Who could tell us otherwise? It is just around the corner, you know. And there is no need to worry...

RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB I wrote a program on my computer to display dots of random colors. The dots represent random numbers. The dots may also represent random events. Idealy there will be no patterns.
Before I tell you were I am going with this, indulge me to digress a little...

RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB SterioFlow1990.jpg, 4 kB In 1990 I made stereoscopic pictures, by using an ordinary camera. First by taking a picture; then displacing the camera left or right about three inches (the distance of human eyes) and taking another picture. I developed my own viewer to see the two slides. The viewer was at the reception desk of KHSL for visitors to see while they waited. My viewer was held together with rubber bands, and people would have to face the sun-filled window to see beutiful 3-D sceens. Slides are so vivid and realistic when compared to pictures. When combined with the 3-D effect it is no wonder that guests were fascinated. To visitors, they were just pretty sceens. But to me, there was more.
RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB SterioScopic1990.jpg, 28 kB I then wrote a computer program to display stereoscopic effects using ONE picture...
There is no viewing apparatus. And this of course is viewed by focusing at a distance closer than the picture.
Actually the focal point of each eye is still exactly on a picture, it is just not the same picture.
RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB RandomEvents.jpg, 42 kB OK, getting back to random numbers...
In a field of random events, take notice of an arbitrary group of events (pixels). The group is composed of random events that came from a field of random events. Then copy the group of random events to the right.
This is how I made stereoscopic pictures of "invisible" random patterns.
3D-Image1.gif, 42 kB Visually superimpose the two squares by crossing your eyes. You will see a third square that is closer to you. Without loosing focus, carefully notice the larger section below. And now see the "hidden" events. (It happens to be another square, but I could have made it bicycles or trees or anything.) What your eyes can not see, your brain CAN see. The very act of consciously noticing or selecting random events changes them in your brain. Making the events no longer "random". In this simple example a computer can easily detect this, just as the human brain does. A larger computer can detect more complex mappings and transformations: Something commensurate with daily events. Such anomalies would not be "inspirational". They would be necessarily logical in a statistical sence.

This whole section on numbers is of the inspirational type, and is outside the normal realm of scientific study.

RULERMAR.GIF, 1 kB OK, i am going to get a little far out. And I truly hate metaphysical crap.
Perhaps; just perhaps... The events are subjective to a conscious viewer.
The viewer can impart inspiration upon the events.
Just by being viewed!
In the example above, You did not have to move the group of random pixels. You only had to notice them. You did not have to circle them with a pencil, you only had to specify them in your mind. As long as there is an alternate representation in your brain - they are forever physically different. It is not easy to determine what random events changes what. For example a traveler may take notice of water in an oasis as a choice. Or the water in the oasis (more appropriately the sight of water) may cause changes in the brain of the traveler. It does not matter which is which: Conciousness of an event will change that event.

BANASTAR.gif, 1 kB Conciousness of an event will change that event!


DeerImag.jpg, 35 kB
I wish I had been given a parable to help understand this notion of mine...

A parable is an earthly story that has a heavenly meaning. Parables have an immediate placement in one plane and have a "shadow" or meaning in another. Parables are a means for people to understand unseen realms. Parallels and parables transcend many levels, and it is my contention here, that they are majestic ways that God can communicate with us.

Swans.jpg, 6 kB
We stand in the shadow of a Great Creator; We are images of something Else.
I may have to come back and modify this page because, for now, I must get on with the many pages that follow. They alone will dictate the content on the immediate page; the later forming the former. It is an adventure for me too. To be continued...