Off the Radar
"Small House, Big Yard "

Rig-Lake-Cleon.jpg, 15 kB RadarScreen.jpg, 10 kB

I am not content to be just "off the grid". I want to be totally off the radar!
You can temporarily park at a Walmart parking lot, hospital parking lot, or a free Casino parking lot, or more permanently tucked away at a beautiful state park. We are dry camping, or boondocking; and with no shore power, or water at all. Or, more formally, it is called Independent Parking. We do not need "full hookups". We carry no generator. We chase the sun and fog. And, we are free and green and gone.
But it is not for everyone...

ClintEastwood.jpg, 9 kB
"A man must know his limitations."

The chase: At every stop of green or blue, befriending nature at every breath, eager and pleased to be some kind of glorious part.

With the RV planted square, and a "number" firmly stuck to the window, one seeks to be proclaimed "one with nature". But in the end, only holds many beautiful promises, tenuous as a sea breaze. Magnificence is solidly all around, in endless ocean waves greeting the shore, and towering Redwoods bathed in moving fog and changing light. It is glorious! And yet, the magnificence truly remains just out of reach. Just out of reach from the grasp of human hands and fingers. Nature playfully teases, and that is why it is an endless chase. (It is also why I am not a poet.)

I have a big box on wheels, and it is a lot like our round planet without wheels. Both are a small, mobile, isolated, house with limited resources.

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B Water circulates from the fresh water tank, which is like the ocean, to the roof and water heater, which is like the sun, and through a water filter, which is like the rocks and streams, and finally back to the fresh water tank again. The water's journey in my RV is repeated over and over just like the planet.

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B My RV has a skin of aluminum that protects from cold and wind. The earth has a magnetic field and ozone that form a "skin" and protects from lethal radiation. Both are a protective cacoon.

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B Both use radiation from the sun for the majority of energy. The sun strikes my solar panels and gives all the energy for my RV.

BBALLBLU.GIF, 139B Both are mobile, one round and one square, and give different views of the universe. And yet both are homes. The price for my RV house was expensive, but the price for the planet-house was free for me and probably you too. Never the less, both are mobile houses, perfectly adapted for us.

There is one big difference, however:
I put a lot of effort into my RV, which has little value.
And humans put no effort into the planet, which has an immense unemaginalble value.

Here are projects related to my RV.
For the three of us: my Wife, Me, and the "Woofers".

I know the energy demands. I know the maintenance. I know my trailer. I know what it is capable of, and what it is not. I have redesigned almost everything.

As a child, I loved to play with boxes, turning them upside down, and making them into houses. Strangely, boxes have always given me a sense of security. Now, I am still playing with boxes; Big and expensive boxes!
I enjoy "going out to the trailer", and working there.

I will tell you about my challenges and changes...
Keystone travel trailer: 2009 SpringDale 179RD

V-LogoVan.JPG, 2.9kB Van, the tow vehicle  

Logo-Shower.jpg, 3.1kB Shower Hot Water  

AnodSunLogo.jpg, 2 kB Water  

SolarWater-Logo.jpg, 3.1kB Solar Hot Water Panel  

HitchVanTT-Logo.jpg, 10kB Hitch  

FenderLogo.jpg, 2 kB FenderSkirts  

Logo-SunOnPanel.jpg, 3 kB Solar Panels  
My Hand-Built Solar Controller  
Solar Panel Audio  
Solar Flux Sensors  
EMP Hardening  

WheelLogo.jpg, 3 kB Wheels  

CurrentsLogo.jpg, 2 kB Currents  
LED-Logo.jpg, 3.7kB LED Lighting  
BatterLogo.jpg, 3.3kB Batteries  

KitchenSinkInsulate-Logo.JPG, 2 kB HeatC-Logo.gif, 2.8kB Thermal, Insulation-1  

Freeze of 2013.12.05  
Insulation 3 Measurement  

StovePipes-Logo.JPG, 3 kB Stove  

BathSink-Logo.jpg, 3.0kB Sinks  

Logo-Table-Me.jpg, 3.8kB Dinette Table  

Thermostat_Logo.jpg, 3.6kB Furnace Thermostat  

SineWave.gif, 8.6kB AC-Power  

RV Wiring  

AntTV-Logo.JPG, 3.2kB TV and Entertainment

Enunciator and Speech

BothDogs.jpg, 72kB BothDogs-Me.jpg, 69kB Handling these two is sort of like driving horses.

Here are my two little horses. When they are both on leashes, they don't always pull together. One will go to the left and one to the right. "Two" is MORE than twice as hard as one; perhaps about three times. The white one on the right is 9 years old, and the orange one on the left is 9 months old. Both are Shizu, but the one on the right may be part Yorkie. Both are part of the RV "team" and my family. One veterinary clinic thought the white one was too spoiled. But they are not "spoiled", just well loved. Outings would not be the same without them.

When we get back to the RV, both dogs will give me there paws for washing.