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60 Sixty

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The 60 disciples of Buddha, which he dispersed to evangelize the world.

The base 60 (mathematical notation system) was the universal base for Mesopotamians. Anu, Father of gods, would have used it to structure the world. Sumerians and Babylonians used also the sexagesimal system.

According to the ancient tradition of Dogons,
the world has been created by the voice of Ama,
exactly as the Bible which tells that it has been created by the Word of Jehovah.
The time and the space have been created by the bad angel Ogo
by walking 8000 times 60 steps during 60 periods,
that is to say 28800000 steps (28.8E6). 2.8E7^2/3= exact Neutron rest mass in ev.
(Implies a differance between space-time and the "World".)

Number of years that lasts a complete cycle in the Chinese lunar calendar.
measured the year by the moons, the coincidence with the solar year occurs by a cycle of 60 years.

From the beginning of the 2nd millennial before J.- C., explains the historian of numbers Georges Ifrah, the magi attributed a particular number to each god of their Pantheon, following a decreasing order which translated the hierarchy of the celebrities. Thus 60 was associated to Anu, god of the Sky, 50 to Enlil, god of the Earth, 40 to Ea, etc.

RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB Literal:
Saint Paul prescribes that a woman can be registered to the group of widows only if she is at least 60 years old. (1 Ti 5,9)
The width and the height of the Temple of Jerusalem is 60 cubits. (Ezr 6,3)
The gold statue which the king Nebuchadnezzar made build was high of 60 cubits. (Dn 3,1)
The Song of Songs mentions that 60 valiant knights surround Solomon. (Sg 3,7)
In one of the poems of Solomon it is written "There are 60 queens and 80 concubines, (and countless girls). My dove is my only one". (Sg 6,8)
RulerBarBlu.gif, 4 kB The number 60 is used 32 times in the Bible - 26 times in the OT and 6 times in the NT.